Arleesh "Paladin"

Female Feathered Serpent


In Dracoform, she is a small feathered Serpent, but unusual agile even compared to other feathered Serpents. Her collared are similar to Bronze-Winged Pionus Parrot. But most would unlikely see her in this form, since she prefers to face her “subjects” at their level.

When taking on young race shape. Her appears to be Tall Hispanic Elf with a build dancer or gymnast. Her dark, almost black hair is cut short, and her amber/orange eyes piercing, shows she is not to mess with before you know of her real form.


Arleesh is a female great feathered serpent, who first made herself known publicly circa 2049. She is young by dragon standards, and has devoted herself to protecting the mortal races from Awakened threats of which they are still unaware and unprepaired for.

Arleesh made one of her more prominent appearances in the Sixth World when she worked with a shadowrunning team in 2051 to destroy an ancient artifact. This artifact acted as godly power leveled Power Focus, but took a toll on the health and sanity of its user. Arleesh consumed the focus, destroying it.

Arleesh was one of the three great dragons, that attacked Alamais in early spring 2070 in GeMiTo with a small army of shadowrunners, mercenaries and lesser dracoforms, to finish him and end his reign of terror. (The two other great dragons were Lofwyr himself and the great eastern dragon Lung). Alamais is Lofwyr’s baby brother.

Her activities appear to be piecemeal, undertaking personal quests to address specific Awakened threats instead of establishing a power base. While she shows respect for draconic gatherings and contemporaries, she is idealistic and will speak her mind. Her willingness to act with young races means she is one of the dragons a runner may well encounter if they are involved with some ancient evil or artifact.

Arleesh is considered short tempered and rash by her fellow dragons. Somewhat of a black sheep. Her code of honor demands that she acts in best interest of her subjects, giving her a knight of old feel, hence her nickname, Paladin.

Background: Dzitbalchén, (Deceased) is believed to be her dad. He was killed by Sirrurg, as a public example for going against Aztechnology and Aztlan.

Arleesh "Paladin"

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