Male Ork Fixer


Specialties: Hacking, Shadowrun History, bug spirits, Ork Underground, Black Market


MacCallister is a former Shadowrunner, and older ork and a “Decker not a hacker, fraggit” in his own words. He ran the Shadows for nearly two decades before retiring, and recently returned to Seattle to start a new career as a fixer, fence and all-in-one shop for runners; he still carries his beat up ancient cyberdeck (with modern bleeding edge commlink mount inside), and he peppers his speech with out of date slang like “drek” and “hoop.” He is confident and good natured.
He started operating as a fixer in the early part of ‘72, he got involved with the copycat Mayan Cutter that showed up during that summer when his daughter Rebecca MacCallister was the first of the copycat’s victums. he has tons of contacts in the shadow community and uses them to great effect. He’s been actings as the front man fro the Metahuman rights groups for a couple of months now, working towards legitimatizing the Ork Underground.


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