Saito Kitiaru

Japanese Human


Specialties: Yakuza, Organized Crime, Corporate Subterfuge, Martial Arts Organizations.

Mitsuyo’s primary support.


Saito Kitiaru Is the third in line for the head of the Saito clan. When Samurai were removed from their positions after the fall of the last Shogunate, the Saito were one of the Clans to retreat into the shadows. The Saito became Yakuza. They still have their hands in politics, business, and extensive crime syndicates. Honor and Empire are held in high reverence by the Clan. This may have motivated the General Saito who took San Fransisco not long ago. Kitiaru holds high position with the Clan, but he is heavily restricted by honor and position. He is the only Saito of import who believes Mitsuyo was not the assassin that killed three framily members. He does not have the power to clear Mitsuyo’s name, but his honor tells him he should be kind to his falsely forsaken kin.

Saito Kitiaru

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