Theodore "Tosh" Athack

Male Troll Knight Errant Dective


Specialties: Crime Syndicates, Street Gangs, Police Procedures.


Tosh is a Knight Errant detective and works in the Special Crimes Task Force (KESCE). He’s a Troll, and not the cleanest officer on the KE payroll. Tosh likes to say the retirement plan sucks, so he’s always looking for ways to pad his nest egg. In return, he can help make minor infractions “slip thorugh the cracks” or hook someone up with some info on a case, so long as it doesn’t put his job in jeopardy.
Tosh is a thug. A big troll, he tops three meters in height, not including his horns. He knows trolls are supposed to be stupid and loves to play the stereotype. He been cited for excessive force and police brutality often on the job, but he is a good enough asset to KE that he avoided demotions or suspensions so far.
A lesser known fact, but one all runners deal with is he always closes his cases. If you piss him off, your just the next suspect for the current case…
Partner to Angelica “Angel”.

Theodore "Tosh" Athack

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